Avery's 7 Month Update - Raising Up Wonder

Avery's 7 Month Update

Wow. That went by FAST! I can't believe my little pumpkin is 7 months old. I feel like we just celebrated her 6th month of life. Lately I have been pretty emotional about Avery growing up. I am just so in love with her, every stage has brought new experiences. Being a mom is honestly the most fun job ever. With that it's also the HARDEST job ever. So lets talk about Avery Grace


  • She is constantly pulling her self up on furniture, she does not like sitting, she'd much rather be standing.
  • She has been crawling, but now she is QUICK, it's getting hard to keep an eye on her haha!
  • She is grabbing EVERYTHING and putting it in her mouth.
  • This girl loves to growl, it's the funniest thing, and if you growl she will do it back! 
  • Avery officially has 4 teeth, two on the bottom and two on top. The week she got the two bottom teeth was adieu tough. (I'll post on that later...)

  • I've been trying solid foods here and there since she was 5 months old, she was not really a fan until lately
  • She loves plum and ellas kitchen pouches.
  • I mix her food with baby cereal, she seems to like a thicker texture, I was told that when trying to get littles to eat baby food texture is everything. 
  • We have a solid food sesh 1-2 times a day, most of her nutrition is still coming from milk 
  • Puffs and teething wafers have become a new favorite. She loves too be independent and feed herself.

  • Oh sleep, how I miss thee
  • Really though, Avery is still waking up once a night to eat 
  • We wake up for the day at 6!
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7 month Faves

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