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Stop Mom Shaming

Avery and I had every problem under the sun when it came to breastfeeding (another post for another day), so I would pump and bottle feed. I distinctly remember going out one of the first times as a new family. I was so excited! Excited to be out of the house and out of my yoga pants! We were at a restaurant, Avery was fussy so I got her bottle and fed her, I have never gotten a dirtier look. 

A dirty look for feeding my baby?! 

Yep. Because the milk was not coming out of my boob, these moms thought it was necessary to shoot me a death glare! (as if I wasn't going through enough)

This. Needs. To. Stop. 

Mom shaming is so real and its ridiculous. 
Let's be real here, motherhood is HARD. Probably the hardest job ever. And instead of building each other up and high fiving for keeping our kids alive and well, we get hate for doing things "wrong". Some of my favorites include
-Breast vs Bottle
-Co sleeping vs Not
-Attachment Parenting vs. Crying it out.
-Stay at home moms vs working moms
etc, etc, etc, etc!


How about instead  of shooting dirty looks at the bottle feeding mother why not smile at her cute baby? This goes both ways, instead of starring in awe at the mom breastfeeding in public why don't you go over and high five her! 

I get it we all have our own opinions, and when you become a mother complete strangers tend to give you advice on parenting (just smile and nod, bless their heart) 

So what do you say moms? Let's come together! Lift up and encourage each other! WE ARE ALL DOING OUR BEST! 

In love,