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Tips For Exclusively Pumping

Happy Friday! 

Today I'm going to talk about something I have a love/hate relationship with...pumping.

I pumped 5 months for Avery. I loved she was getting breast milk but I hated pumping. The shortened story is she was never able to transfer enough milk to keep her full, along with latch problems breastfeeding just did not work. I pumped from the beginning and when she was 2 months old I threw in the towel and started pumping exclusively. It is hard work! It's a two step process instead of just feeding your baby you need to feed then pump, feed then pump, feed then pump. And I was never able to skip a pump session, I know some women can because they have an awesome supply! Just like breastfeeding everyones experience is going to be different. Here are some tips and products that really helped me!

  • Get a quality pump! Once you make to move to pump you need a good one. If your pump is not good it can ultimately hurt your supply, just because it simply isn't emptying the breast. Although nothing can empty the breast as well as baby can, a great pump can come pretty darn close! I used a Medela Pump In Style. And if I had to do it over I might consider renting a hospital grade pump like the symphony. But the Pump in Style was perfect for me, very portable too! Since I took it EVERYWHERE. If i was going to be gone 4+ hours the pump came with haha! Once I pumping inside a Buy Buy Baby store :p 
Medela Pump In Style

  • Lube up! Really... It just makes thing more comfortable. You shouldn't be in pain pumping though. If you are, it's likely your flanges are the wrong size. You can watch videos on youtube about how they should fit or just ask a lactation consultant.  Here's two that I love! 
  • Establish your milk supply. This is everything. Once you have a good supply you can play with your pump schedule. First pump every time baby eats. This will imitate a nursing baby. It's supply and demand, if you skip a pump session you're telling your body that your baby didn't eat, so your body won't produce that milk. And yes this means when baby wakes up at 1am and 3am to eat you have to pump at 1am and 3am :(  To get my supply back up where i needed it to be after i quit nursing i took these supplements 4 times a day, they worked wonders!!!  And i also ate (a lot) of these Milk Makers cookies! SOOOOOO good and hey i did it for my baby ;) But i really think these two items made a huge difference in my supply. I was feeding Avery and storing at least 2 bottles a day in my statsh. 

  • These little wipes were so handy! Especially when out and about. 
  • Cleaning everything is a tedious task but it must be done. You can store your pump parts in the fridge and just deep clean them once a day! That's what I did instead of cleaning every single time. You can buy extra pump parts as well which would really help cut down on cleaning time. So once a day I would clean with soap and water and sanitize with a microwave bottle sanitizer. I used this one here: 

  • Okay this right here was my saving grace! Seriously the best thing ever. There is nothing worse then pumping with both hands all hunched over in the middle of the night running on 2 hours of sleep. Soooooo to solve this problem we have the hands free pumping bra! There's different brands but this is the one I had and it did the job! Later when Avery was more active I was able to occupy her while pumping with my hands free! 

  • Okay now this is something i thought of after the fact, seems obvious but i just never thought of it. An insulated bottle bag. Duh. Brest milk is good for 5 hours room temp and up to a week in the fridge. So keeping it in a insulated bag would lengthen the time it could be out :) This one from skip hop is so cute! 

Well that's all I have for you! I hope you can use these tips! I know how hard pumping can be! But don't ever feel down on yourself if you feel like quitting. Just don't quit on a bad day! You can do it, you are doing an amazing job mama! If you want to know more about my experience or have questions feel free to comment below! or email me at

I hope you all have a good night and a wonderful weekend! Happy Pumping!

In Love, Rachel