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Baby Bath Time

Wow, long time no talk! Sorry! Who knew Christmas time would be so hectic with a wee one? (probably everyone with a wee one lol) This time of year has been a little more intense then usual but it's also been A LOT more fun! We got to see santa, drive around and look at lights, also visit disneyland (a few times :o) I just can't wait for Christmas morning. It's going to be so much fun to see Avery play with the things Santa brought her. I'll share all about what we picked for her the day after. And I'm sure I'll have some pictures of Avery's first Christmas!

So today I wanted to talk about bath time.
I feel like most babies love or hate bath time, but then again I feel like most love it.

Bath time happens every night in this house. Mainly because it is a part of our bedtime routine. Heck sometimes is happens twice a day if things get to messy in the high chair or we have a BLOWOUT (which has been happening a lot lately, thanks target diapers) Avery LOVES bath time. Which makes it a lot easier on me. I swear I could leave that baby in the bath for hours and she would love it. So heres a little bit about how we do bath time and what we love to use.

Baby Bath Time

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1. More bubbles please!
-I have used this bubble bath since day one with Avery. Its by California Baby and it's their Over tired and Cranky bubble bath. It smells so good! And I really do think the scent calms miss Avery down.  
2. Scrub-a-dub
-We have used all of these soaps, they're all really awesome! The earth mama one smells so good, its different then the typical baby scent. I recently got the Dr. Bonners one so Avery and i could just share, I love this soap for her and I. The smell is AMAZING. 
3. Super Soft Skin
-This is our favorite lotion ever! Again with more lavender lol. It's not greasy at all and keeps her skin so soft moisturized. 
4. Diaper Rash Free Zone
- I've made it a habit to always apply diaper rash cream before bed, to prevent rashes. Especially since she won't get her diaper changed at night for around 7 hours. These are my two favorites. I have found the but paste applies nicer, you can really lay it on thick. lol. 
5. Other fun things
-This little water bucket thing actually makes bath time a lot easier, and Avery loves to play with it in the bath! Also! I've been really wanting to try Tubby Todd Bubble Bath, if it's anything like the CA Baby one I'm sure we'd love it. 

Well that's all for now. It's time for me to go heat up my coffee for the 3rd time this morning. #momlife 

In Love,