What I'm Doing Wednesday - Raising Up Wonder

What I'm Doing Wednesday

So I recently got some advice from a fellow blogger. She was so sweet to me and gave me so much advice! One thing she said that I really liked was the idea of doing a weekly series maybe 2 or three at a time. So I'm taking her advice. Welcome to the first series of mamaloveslittle: what I'm doing Wednesday. Every Wednesday I'll give a little update, share what's on my heart along with some random thoughts. It will be tons of fun! Promise. :p 

So today is January 7th. 
I am currently in bed with a baby who decided that today she will not nap without mommy. I put her down once, twice and then a third time. Each time I could only settle her by laying down with her. So I gave in. She usually naps alone in her crib for at least an hour. This may be a sign of a new tooth (I hope not) we will see... 

The only problem with this is nap time is my mama time! It's like the golden hour! I can do what ever my little heart desires for a full hour!! So naturally when that time was taken from me I was a little distraught. It's funny how we humans get in such a routine. But then I decided I need to be here. In the moment. The  mess in the kitchen can wait. The kardashians will be on again tomorrow. Instagram will still be there in an hour. And I can always read my bible at night instead. I'm just laying here enjoying these warm baby cuddles while I can. I can feel her little wiggly toes on my stomach and her tiny fingers are wrapped around my arm. I love this baby. And she loves me. So much that she just wanted to make sure I was going to be there for the whole nap! Haha! 

Yesterday at this same time she napped for only 20 minutes. It was a rough morning too so when she fell asleep I took a deep breath and started to enjoy my break right when I sat down she was up. I felt pretty defeated. Anxious and a bit stretched thin. So I prayed. And the funniest thing happened right after, Trace Adkins music video for "you're gona miss this" came on. With the lyrics: "You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These Are Some Good Times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now 
But you're gonna miss this"

Woah. It almost made me cry. It's true. It's hard now but I know I'll miss it. So thank you Lord for that reminder. 

I know this was kind of all over the place but my life is all over the place and I'm new at this whole thing! :) 

Thank you for reading I hope you could relate. Talk soon! 

In love,