Avery's 11 Month Update - Raising Up Wonder

Avery's 11 Month Update

So I made a huge mistake and blinked! Yet another month has gone by! Avery Grace is 11 months old. I was pretty sour when I realized that February took 2 whole days from me haha! Life has been pretty crazy but I'm feeling it slow down a little which is nice. Avery got sick for the first time this month. She had her very first ear infection. Let me tell you, I would not wish that upon my greatest enemy. It was about a week of pure agony. BUT it's over, she is feeling so much better and everyone is doing great. We are finally sleeping again so that is extremely exciting. We did so many fun things this month! We have adventured into the world of parks, Avery doesn't know quite what to do yet but she's having a great time figuring it out. Baby play places are something we tackled this month too! Avery is defiently a fan! And so am I, who knew I how much I would love to spend the day in a primary color filled room with babies and toys EVERYWHERE. It really is a ton of fun though. Seeing Avery learn and play is probably my favorite thing ever.

So back to our ear infection week, that week was the SAME week Avery's molars decided to pop on in. Like "hey we're here to ruin your life"! At the tail end of her sickness I decided we needed some fresh air. So we took our butts to disneyland! It ended up being a great day. I felt so sorry for my little love I treated her to some of my sundae. To say she liked it was an under statement. She ditched to spoon and just went all in haha!!!

This trip was the first trip where Avery was really having a blast on the rides. Here she is loving life on dumbo:

Here are a few more updates:


  • Avery is totally done with baby food, she loves a pouch here and there but not every day.
  • Grilled cheese, quesadillas and cheese sticks! This baby loves her cheese!
  • Still drinking bottles probably 4-5 a day.
  • We tried the Honest Company formula, Avery did awesome on it, but I have a few things I'll add in an upcoming post. 
  • She basically eats what Mama eats. It's so fun having her try new things. 
  • Oh she really enjoys black beans. 

  • This baby is walking all day everyday!
  • Her favorite word is still Hi, we are working on other words at the moment.
  • Pig tails. Do those count as a milestone? This baby and her pig tails, too cute. 
  • Do you hear that? Oh it's just the sound of the angels singing!!!!!
  • I am elated. 
  • Praise Jesus. He is good Y'all. 

Here are some things we have been loving! 


  • Bitty Baby Doll, Avery has been toting this thing around lately, she is my old bitty baby from when i was little. It's the sweetest seeing her love it just like I did. 
  • Nuk sippy cup, so far this is the only cup Avery has a slight interest in.
  • Tubby Todd! We LOVE Tubby Todd! I plan on doing a more in depth review on the bubble bath and lotion, it's that good guys!
  • Snacks, #totlife Avery is all about yogurt dips, gold fish and bars! 
  • Honest Company formula, this has been great this months! But I have pros and cons! 

That's all for now my mama bears!

p.s I have been finding myself looking at Avery and just feeling so much joy to be her mama! It's overwhelming, in a good way!  

Tell me about your month, Also tell me how you handle sick babes? It is the WORST!

In love,

11 by raelynnandbaby featuring a bubble bath