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The Honest Company Formula {review}

Hi friends!

When Avery was six months old she started to drink formula exclusively. We had tried a handful of brands.  I heard that Safeway had a pretty good organic formula so we gave that a go. Avery did fine on it but it was very coarse, yellow and smelled like iron supplements. It also didn't mix well at all. Ultimately we stuck with Enfamil Premium. Avery didn't seem to have any gas/tummy issues so she was able to handle pretty much any formula. I like Enfamil because of the added DHA/Choline, the fine texture and mix-ability {if that's a word}

Fast forward 4 months.

I was pretty excited to see that the Honest Company was coming out with a baby formula! I snagged up a trial offer. I paid a total of 12 dollars for a good sized tub. The shipping was free. This is from their site:
"No breast versus bottle, no right or wrong: We believe how parents choose to feed their babies is a personal process based on the needs of their families. We know it can be quite an emotional decision. That’s why we’re here not to judge, but rather to support parents with a range of researched information and safe, premium products that empower every family to make the best choices given their unique circumstances. 

We’re aware that breast is best, but we also understand that families may choose or require other options. No parent should have to feel guilty for choosing to feed her or his baby one way or another. Parents have been nourishing their children in all kinds of ways since the beginning of time as we know it. With Honest Feeding, The Honest Company hopes to represent the next step in the evolution of nourishment as we help you lay the foundation for a safe, healthy and happy future."

I LOVE that!

We got our package quick! Once I ran out of the tub I had we went right to using the Honest formula.
Here's what I love about it:
  • It's organic {don't panic it's organic}
  • Milk comes from trusted organic dairy farms
  • Rigorous testing and high standards
  • Quality ingredients
Here's what I wasn't too stoked about:

  • It did not contain DHA! What the heck Honest?!
  • The texture was coarse. It was a bit more fine then the generic formula I tried from Ralph's and Target. 
  • It was kind of yellow where as the Enfamil is not as yellow. 
  • Since it was coarse I had to make sure to mix it well. 
  • Metallic smell

So Honest markets their formula as a bundle. The bundle includes 4 tubs and one bottle of baby DHA (fish oil) for 119$.  I don't really understand this. I feel like they could find a way to get that DHA in the formula. Moms like one step things. Not two step things. Also Avery HATES when I give her medicine, so thinking about giving her daily DHA from a dropper just makes me tired lol. The DHA is also citrus flavored, I'm not sure how that would taste in milk? Im assuming not that good. 

After my adventure with Honest Co. formula I never purchased it again. The main reason being, Enfamil had everything I wanted for Avery in one step. If that makes me lazy, so be it. Lazy, maybe but sane, yes! I hope that the whole separate DHA thing isn't a marketing ploy to make you spend more money. I don't think that's the case though. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the Honest Company! A lot!!! I use SOOOO many of their products. The formula is just one that didn't work for us. And that's okay! 

In love, Rachel