Toddler Tubby Time Fun - Raising Up Wonder

Toddler Tubby Time Fun

Hi friends!
Let me start out by saying toddler tub time is a whole different animal from baby bath time. With that said, it's way more fun!!!

There are toys involved, maybe even some bath crayons if you're really feelin' wild.
If you're lucky your tot actually enjoys it too.

Let me take you through our bath time routine:
It's really cute when Avery squeals with delight when she hears the bath water running. Bless her. What is not so cute is the part where I remove her diaper and find a surprise BM (aka poop) then I'm just standing there frozen like: "WE NEED WIPES STAT". Now we have a naked, clean(ish) babe I get her in her bath and the fun begins!

 I whip out my secret weapon.. Tubby Todd Bubble Bath. I squeeze out a little into the flowing water it smells amazing. Doesn't smell artificial at all which is nice. Its also thick, not gross oatmeal thick but not water thin like other natural baby bubble baths I've tried.

Her first thought is "Hello big person, can you please get my whale friend down, he holds the toys." We have this really sweet whale toy scooper from Nuby. He's attached to the wall on a little hook. He's all hollowed out with holes. So when bath time is over you scoop all the toys and they dry on the hook. GENIUS.

Okay toys are in. Now Avery usually plays and I either play with her or take these few minuets to slap some tinted moisturizer on my face to get out of frump city.

I usually clean her up last, get my Tubby Todd Bubble bath out again, get a little on my hands and lather. I use the bubble bath as wash too which is why I love it so much! I plan on trying the wash soon but for now this works and I love just having one product in the bath.

Once were done in the bath I scoop the toys out with our whale friend and take Avery out.

Now it's teeth brushing time! Yay dental care. Now as I try my best to get this done twice a day it doesn't always happen. But it does happen after bath which works good for us. Avery enjoys brushing her own teeth, while not the most effective I usually let her do it first then I do it for her real quick. BOOM done.

This next part is Avery's least favorite part. Dressin' time. I can see her look at me like "why do we have to wear clothes, why are you lotioning me, why are we not eating ice cream at Disneyland?"
We love Tubby Todd's lavender lotion. The smell is unreal people. It's not to heavy and never greasy. I try and put some diaper rash cream on always, it really helps prevent diaper rash by creating a barrier from butt and pee. I love the honest companys diaper rash cream and their healing balm for this step. Then I put a tiny bit of california baby conditioner in her hair which helps me pull it into a pony tail or pig tails depending on how we're feeling that day.

Now that that is over with....

It's time to play! Yay!!
I hope you enjoyed this edition of Toddler Tubby Fun

In love,

(Here are the awesome things I mentioned)