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What's Up Wednesday {birthday pictures}

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Hello friends!
This past week has been so much fun! We celebrated Avery's first birthday, had a beach trip and visited the American Girl Place in LA.
I was on spring break at school when all this was happening so that was a bonus. I still cannot believe I have a one year old baby!

I had so much fun planning and prepping this mermaid party! Avery had so much fun, I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many that loved my baby girl. I thought for sure i was going to cry when we sang happy birthday, but i didn't (go mom!)

The banner and tassel banner were my favorite decorations. I justified spending the money on these cute little things by deciding I would use them in her big girl room. {Side note, Avery is still sharing a room with us, we really need to get into a bigger place. Prayers for us to find and get into a house soon would be greatly appreciated!} 

This cake! SO GOOD!
The little shells on top were white chocolate! So yummy. My good friend from my first job ever made it for miss Avery, that was pretty awesome!.

She went all in at cake time. The sugar high that night was real. Never again. Well maybe next year. 

This little one got so many books! And some amazing outfits! So so blessed!!! My mom even got Avery her very own teepee! 

I went back and fourth about having a birthday party for Avery. Everyone was telling me different things and giving me different pieces of advice. Some said, save yourself the time, stress, money and trouble. Others said go all out, you have too! I'm glad we had the party. It was so much fun. I told myself I would not let my self get stressed out over a one year olds birthday party, and I didn't. I feel like there is so much pressure on parents these days. Pressure to have a Pinterest worthy party, with gourmet cupcakes made with madagascar vanilla beans complete with handmade centerpieces from France (okay maybe not that fancy) but you know what I'm trying to say!! The word humble is weighing heavy on my heart lately. In our world it's so hard to not want things. I struggle with it daily. I feel like I'm getting so much better at recognizing what I need and what I want. But I still need to work on it. Because at the end of the day all I need is Jesus. 

Well friends that's all for now. I'm feeling super sick, sinus congestion has got me hurting! 

In love,