Summer Time Sippin' - Raising Up Wonder

Summer Time Sippin'

It is officially summer and we are feeling the heat! Temperatures here are 90-100 degrees. But at least its a dry desert heat. All this heat has defiantly has me reaching for the fluids. I'm trying to get miss Avery to drink a ton too. I've also been trying to get her to take a sippy cup. We have had some luck but we're not there yet. Here's some we have tried:

Nubby Clik-it™ FlexStraw

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This cup is a goof choice for older babies. Avery seems to be a lot more interested in straws than the conventional sippy cup spout. I love the flexible straw on it! But my favorite part has to be the click it design. When the cup "clicks" that means it is screwed on properly. When I bought Avery her first sippy cups they leaked water EVERYWHERE. And I could not for the life of me get the top on right. Operator error I'm sure but still :p

Target Straw Cups

You have seen these in the seasonal home goods aisle and the baby aisle. They are too cute and pretty cheap too! Again with the straw thing. These have leaked on me a few times though. I think there is a rubber insert that I may have lost in ours.

NUK Learner Cup

At first sip I though this one was our winner. But the novelty soon wore off and it sits in the cabinet.

The First Years Sippy Cup

These are the same type of cups I used when I was a wee tot. I drank copious amounts of strawberry milk out of these things. Avery is just not a fan though!

As of now I'm losing the sippy cup battle. It's possible Avery may just stick with her Nuby straw cups forever haha! I'm going to start researching weaning techniques and may do another post on that. If you have any advice at all PLEASE share :) Also what cups worked for you?

In Love,