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Favorite Breastfeeding Products *giveaway*

Alright now after sharing my experience with you here:

Here are some of the products that helped me a ton!!!

1. The my breast friend feeding pillow- here

This was great because it strapped on and offered a nice firm surface to position the baby. 

2. Mother Love More Milk Plus Supplements https://www.motherlove.com/?/product/more-milk-plus-capsules

These helped my get a great supply established after deciding to pump exclusively.

3. Oat Mama Granola Bars- http://www.oatmama.com/

While I didn't get to enjoy these while I was breastfeeding I am in love with them. They taste great! My favorite flavor is the chocolate almond coconut. They are so convenient for new moms! These would have been the perfect snack. Loaded with nutrients a nursing mama needs. Flax sead to improve milk quality (omega 3s). Iron rich oats to punch iron deficiencies in the face. And brewers yeast to up your supply. They are literally perfect. I was always so hungry! These are great for having in the diaper bag. You don't want to get hangry. Oh! and the company was started by two beautiful Mamas. Products made for moms by moms are my jam! I know you want to go check them out, go do that here: http://www.oatmama.com/about/

Oat Mama has been so kind to give a variety box of their bars to one of my readers! Check it out on IG :)

4. Earth Mama Nipple Cream- http://earthmamaangelbaby.com/products/natural-nipple-butter

Now this saved me. I went through loads of creams but this one was my favorite. The ingredients are quality! And the texture is great.

5. Gel Pads- http://www.amazon.com/Lansinoh-Soothies-Gel-Pads-Count/dp/B002KGHUL4

Pure bliss. Really. There's nothing worse than sore nipples rubbing against your shirt. Put them in the fridge for extra relief.

6. A fun water bottle

You need to drink your fluids! Get a pretty water bottle to keep you hydrated.

7. Hot/Cold bead pads- Here

Great for clogged ducts! I only had one and these really helped me!

8. Prenatals! I love these from the Honest Co.

Yes! Keep taking your prenatal vitamins. These are wonderful! The ingredients are made from real food. This helps the quality of your milk and also supplies you with iron.

That's all for now friends! Don't forget to check out http://www.oatmama.com/ and enter the giveaway on my instagram!

In Love,