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My Jesus Story

I love hearing about how people have opened their hearts to God’s grace. I remember the first time I went to church, like ever. I was 9 years old and it was with a friends family. (I have never been to church with both my parents even now.) I loved it. I had so much fun with the youth pastors. I distinctly remember playing out the story of Jonah with an air mattress for a boat and spray bottles for crashing waves. I don’t think I went back again until I was 12. It’s hard to get to church across town when you’re 9 haha! I went to church camp when I was 12 and had a blast. I loved the worship, crafts and the fun activities. And that is where my church experience ended. I would go here and there with friends but at that time I was just having fun with friends. I didn’t really get “it”. There was no relationship with Jesus just songs to sing and sermons to sit through.
Now fast forward a few years; I’m 18 years old a new wife and college student. My husband had just left for his first deployment to Afghanistan. This is where things got real. On a whim I signed up for my church's bible study through the book of John. This was way out of my comfort zone. In my head I was thinking, “bible study? I don’t even know the bible, these women are going to think I don’t belong, I’m not like them, I’m not holy enough I’m not good enough.”  

Boy was I wrong.

This bible study was “it”. The ultimate light bulb moment. How relieved I was to know that I didn’t have to be perfect. I didn’t have to be holy. I didn’t have to be a bible trivia expert. I was enough in God’s eyes. He loved me.

The bible study was pretty straight forward, read, answer questions, discuss and pray. It was always great until we prayed at the end. We had to pray out loud for each other which scared me to pieces. It even still makes me uneasy now. (I’m working on that) My prayer request was always including my husband. He was in the infantry. I didn’t hear from him for weeks at a time. This year was the hardest year of my life and I know Jesus opened the door to that bible study. Because without this new found relationship with Christ I don’t think I could have made it.  Around the end of the study I was at a bridal shower. A family friend of my husband was there, concerned she came over to talk and I will never forget the moments after. She looked at me and said “are you okay?” “I heard Blake got shot in Afghanistan”. I tried my best to keep my composure and headed for the bathroom. My husband was shot in the back, center mass. His plate had saved his life. If the plate was absent from his vest that day I would have never seen him again. I would never feel his hand in mine. We would have never had our amazing daughter. But by the grace of God and the power of prayer he’s here with us today and didn’t sustain any serious injuries. This my friends was such a hard season in my life. But it was also when I have felt the closest to God. That’s my story. My Ah-ha moment. The moment I realized this Jesus thing is real and it is glorious.
That's all for now :)

In Love,