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You Should Really Start A Blog

Hello friends!

I have been so MIA. I have also been in a super blog slump. I have logged on and looked at this site many times. Then I just click the little red button in the top left and go on with my day. But I really enjoy blogging. Its very therapeutic to write about life, my baby, things my baby does, things I do with my baby or anything for that matter. It also gets those creative juices flowing, which helps with life. This helps me in school and helps me just be a better person. Which makes me a better wife and mom. I wish I could get myself to blog at least 3 times a week. That is my goal! I think this post has become a why I think you should blog post.

I really think you should blog.

What? You don't have anything to say? Liar. You have lots to say and the world needs to hear it. Because you matter and the stories you tell matter. Also because its nice to get it all out. Just sitting there with your (coffee or tea or cupcake what ever makes ya smile) and hearing the click clack of the key board. Heck light a candle if you want to get real fancy.

Does the world really need another blogger?

Yes, yes the world does. Sure there are a bajillion bloggers out there. Just as there is no one in the world like you, there is also no blog like yours.

So do it! Blog about your dog, blog about your favorite cereal, blog about pie. Just do what makes you happy! Also if the thought scares you that means you should go for it. :)

Talk soon, really (maybe tomorrow!)

In love,