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I Looked Ugly at the Pumpkin Patch

Hi friends,

I'm feeling the title left you confused. Let me explain:

Yesterday I woke up at zero dark thirty to go hunting with my dad. This is something we do every year together and I always look forward to it. There is just something so soothing about watching the sun rise in the still of the morning and glassing over a canyon looking for any trace of life. The sights, the smells, the sounds; it's all amazing.

This turned out to be the most challenging hunt I've been on yet. I was definitely tested on my physical abilities. And I totally had to "mind over matter" it a few times. I was crawling on my hands and knees, hands in deer poop, hiking a mountain on all fours, then getting scratched in the face by brush over and over. It was not pretty but it was beautiful!

So the hunts over and I am the most sweaty I have been in a long time. Literally drenched. Red in the face with wet matted hat hair.

My husband calls and tells me to meet at him at the pumpkin patch with our family. I thought about this for a while. I my appearance was one that should not be considered publicly acceptable. I was stinky, I was sweaty, I was in dirty camo.

So I had two choices, go home take a shower and get ready (and miss all the fun) then meet them there.

Or, go to the pumpkin patch in my current state, be a part of the fun and see Avery play with goats,

I chose the later (I wanted to see that baby play with goats, dang it!) and I am SO glad I did.

Here's why,

I was not concerned about photos. I was not concerned with having the perfect pumpkin patch outfit. I was not concerned about Avery getting dirty. I was not concerned about getting sweaty. I was not concerned about my hair getting messed up. I was not concerned about the ice cream ruining Avery's outfit. I was not concerned about the petting zoo leaving Avery filthy. I was not concerned about all of the crowds ruining my photos. I was not concerned about the heat. I was not concerned about anything but my family.

Now don't get me wrong.

I am totally that mom who gets STOKED on a photo op. And I LOVE pumpkin patch pictures to be honest I took Avery to one before this just to take pictures. Just ask my husband he hears "take a picture of us!" 24/7

I was able to live fully in the moment here. I had no other hidden agendas. I was present.

It was great we got dirty, sweaty and had a blast.

So this is why I looked ugly at the pumpkin patch.

In love,