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Toddler Tub Time {Grace Mabel Review}

I have mentioned before on this here blog that bath time is Avery's favorite. At almost 2 years old this is still true! In these two years we have tried A LOT of bath stuff. We definitely have our favorites now. I love trying new soaps and lotions since our nightly routine still consists of a bath, lotion and a story. I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to try products from Grace Mabel.

Grace Mabel is a baby/kids brand committed to having plant based ingredients. Their products contain no harmful chemicals or toxins. This is probably my favorite part since it's often hard to find brands that are as passionate about this as Grace Mabel.

Grace Mabel was founded by Amanda who is a mother and teacher. The idea came to her shortly after her daughter was born but her inspiration was ignited during her career as a teacher. Here's a bit on that from their site:
Over the course of my career in education, I couldn't help but notice the continuous acceleration of disabilities year after year. I knew it was time to get back to the basics and STOP contaminating our children's bodies with all of these harsh chemicals and start using simple, safe and all-natural products in hopes to start the next generation off on a toxin free journey! -Amanda President of Grace Mabel 

With that being said it's amazing to know not only are these products safe but they are effective!

There are four products currently offered by Grace Mabel; shampoo and baby wash, lotion, cuddle rub and a lotion bar.

The shampoo comes in the scent tender tulip which is a really light fresh floral scent. It's a nice change from the popular lavender scent in most baby washes. It lathers well and makes an awesome bubble bath!

The lotion has the same tulip scent and is a really nice consistency. It contains coconut and olive oils which act as great all natural moisturizers. If you look on their website it clearly states what goes inside of each of the products. click here to see!

Although I can't pick one favorite it's safe to say I REALLY love the cuddle rub! It is such a nice lotion. It's thick but not greasy. Perfect for dry winter days. This rub has a light peppermint smell which is really nice right out of the bath. I love this so much I use it on my hands since they get so dry this time of year.

The last product in the current line is the Lavender Lotion Bar. This thing is like Lush for babies. I love the lotion bars at Lush and this one so good! I love the lavender smell and the creamy consistency of the bar. It's a fun way to apply lotion. Your baby gets a baby massage in the process.

Grace Mabel's products are highly effective while being completely safe and free of toxins. They sell their products individually or in a Cuddle Collection. The Cuddle Collection makes an amazing baby shower gift!

In my reviews I always like to touch on customer service. Grace Mabel's customer service is top notch. I emailed back and forth with Amanda, she is a total sweetheart and very passionate about what she does.

Please check out Grace Mabel on their website and Instagram!


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