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The Art of Playing With a Toddler

Hi friends!

I'm back to talk about something fun and slightly aggravating, playing with a toddler.

If you are like me you have a really great vision in mind when you start out. You get out your bag of tricks set up all the crayons and the new coloring book. You may even think the coloring activity will buy you some time so you can actually finish your coffee. But in reality toddlers are not made to sit still (mine doesn't at least) and they require copious amounts of patience. So what I realized has worked best for play time is setting up different activities and letting Avery choose. If were in her room it will usually be Little People with a doll house and a playmat and her play kitchen. If we're in the living room we're usually coloring or playing with the random toy box toys. One place I go to a lot for inspiration on activities for Avery is an awesome website called Let's Tot School. You can check them out here and also keep up with them on Instagram here. The sight is so straightforward and there are so many fun ideas!

Those are my short and sweet tips. Now let me share with you the playmat I mentioned above.

I stumbled upon Mel's Instagram page one day and fell in love! Her cute whimsical playmats were so different than anything I have seen before! 

She makes so many different playmats and they are all amazing quality. A lot of love goes into making these mats and you can tell she has your little one's imagination in mind. Go here to check out her Etsy shop. She has so much right now! 

Avery really enjoys playing with the playmat. She loves to stick her little people in there and pretend they're going to bed in their little house. Mel and I have teamed up for a giveaway! Mel has been so sweet to supply me with this playmat for review and this mini tent play mat to giveaway to one of my blog readers! Please head to my Instagram to see how to enter! Click to go to IG

I hope you enjoyed my little post on toddler play!
In Love, Rachel