Avery's 2nd Birthday Paw-ty - Raising Up Wonder

Avery's 2nd Birthday Paw-ty

Well hello there!

We just got out of quite the busy season! I feel like I was just running through the woods and I'm finally out. Here's the short version: we bought a house, yes a H O U S E house! One with windows and doors and a yard. I am still in shock. Then we moved into the house. Which was just...well exhausting. Even though I rode that pregancy wave like a pro surfer. "Rachel, you can't move anything you're pregnant!" Me: "oh.. darn, I guess I'll go on Pinterest then..." In the meantime I've been growing a baby in my uterus and trying to get an A in my psych class. But I'm happy to report I'm free at naptime today to share about Avery's puppy themed birthday!

I still can't believe she was once a little bean in my belly and now she's two. What the french toast? We decided to go with the puppy theme because Avery is obsessed with dogs. All dogs. She will not discriminate. 

I loved the colors! I worked with Simply Create Designs to get the cutest puppy printables for the party. 

The cupcake toppers we super easy to make, just took a candy stick and stuck them to the cut outs via a big blob of hot glue. A big blob guys. 

These little water bottles were a big hit!

These "doggie bags" were so fun to put together! I stuffed them with gold fish, annie's gummies, and Sweetie Pie Organics fruit and veggie snacks. The big kids got to take home a bag of "pup corn" which was a huge bag of naked popcorn I bought at costco. Literally the bag was the size of a small child. 

That little yellow banner is from hobby lobby and I didn't want to take it down! 

These snacks were gone at the end of the day! So yummy! 

This is what the living room looked like. I think the Happy Birthday balloon banner was my favorite decoration! We found it at hobby lobby. 

Outside we had cornhole and a jumper for the kids. It was all fun and games until it started to pour! But that didn't stop anyone! 

Avery had so much fun! 

We fed everyone hot dogs, chips, fruit salad, potato salad and caesar salad. All of the food was really good! My dad brought over a pot of homemade chili, that was great for the cloudy day. 

Avery and her cousin Brody Mae. 

Cake time! Avery had not one but two sets of candles to blow out! We got the Doc McStuffin's cake the morning of the party and I'm glad we did, we had more people than we had cupcakes. 

Avery's party was so much fun! It was really exciting to have our family and friends over at our new place. The printables from Simply Create Designs really made everything special. I loved the color palette. It was super fun to create Avery's party around it. This was my first time working with a printable party package and it was surprisingly easy. I just took the zip file on a flash drive to Office Depot and then they just printed everything on their heaviest white cardstock. From there I just cut or punched things out. If you have a party coming out check out Simply Create Designs on Etsy here: Printables

As much as I love birthday parties they are a lot of work! I'm thinking we may do parties every other year for our babies. But we will see how that goes lol. I love planning and putting together parties! I think I just dread the cleaning part....

Thanks for hanging out with me via the internet! 

In Love, Rachel