Baby Registry Essentials - Raising Up Wonder

Baby Registry Essentials

Hello friends!

I'm coming to you from my bedroom, yes that's right I'm blogging in bed Snoogle (do yourself a favor and check that out here) and all. Avery is with Blake's mom for their Wednesday date.

Today I want to share about something that can seem totally daunting.

The baby registry. 

SO OVERWHELMING. It doesn't have to be though, I have gathered items and information you may need to make it easy!


buybuy BABY! This is a one stop shop y'all. buybuy BABY has it ALL! This is my favorite place to go for baby items. It is honestly so much fun in here.

-Make an appointment- This might seem silly, but trust me! The employees here know what they're talking about. To be honest I thought I had a general understanding about baby items since I have a child...I was wrong there is more to learn! Make an appointment and a team member will make sure you leave with all the knowledge you need.

-Be prepared to stay for a while, like I said there is a lot too see! Set aside at least 1.5 hrs.

-Leave other little ones at home (if possible). This makes for a fun date night! (That statement really aged me, I'm only 22!)

When you arrive you can get all signed up on the computer and you'll be handed a handy dandy checklist and clipboard. I don't know about you but I am a fan of checklists.

Obviously very excited about the checklist.

The associate helping me asked me where I wanted to start and what I really wanted to focus on. I told him I wanted to focus on strollers and diaper bags! These are two areas where I need the most help.

I am not exaggerating when I say this man was a stroller/car seat EXPERT. I have had my eye on two strollers; the Uppababy Vista and the Baby Jogger City Select.

These two strollers have the capability of being double stroller while staying close in size to a single stroller. He told me that most people in the market for a double stroller are interested in these two.

Baby Jogger City Select

Uppababy Vista

They both look very similar, they both have the "kick board" option, and they are both almost the same size. Two major differences I noticed; the City Select feels sturdier and the Vista has a smoother ride.  There is a big price difference! The Vista is almost $900! It does come with the bassinet though. The City Select retails for around $500 but the second seat is extra. After playing with the strollers for a good 35 min I was leaning more towards the City Select, mostly because of the price. If money was no object I think I would pick the Vista. I kept both on my registry so I could go home and do more research on them. That's something I really love about registries! It's a place to gather everything you are interested in. Obviously, I didn't register for the Vista thinking someone would buy it for me but I added it to remember to do more research on it. (and to maybe find one second hand!)

To my surprise Avery was pretty comfortable on the kickboard! This feature is available with both strollers and it is awesome! The kick board on the City Select can be fastened up and out of the way while the Vista's cannot. 

After we learned about the strollers our team member took us all around the store. He was pretty well versed in all areas which was rad. I found a baby carrier I wanted to register for but we couldn't find the color I wanted on the floor. He ran to a computer real quick and got the UPC for me so we could still add it to my registry. 

At this point Avery was getting tired so we needed to head out. We sat back down at the registry center and our team member gave me all kinds of useful information.
-buybuy BABY accepts competitors' unexpired coupons on identical items 
-They price match! (even with Amazon)
-You can use your 10% off registry completion coupon on MOST brands, even ones that are usually exempt from coupons. 
-buybuy BABY will match competitor's sales (like a BOGO on bottles, just bring the ad) 

I feel like I have a pretty good understanding now of what I need for baby number two. I have gotten a little list together to share with you. Now, this is not everything I registered for. Of course there are so many odds and ends that would be nice to have! You can see my full list here. These are just the things that I think are necessary for a baby human upon exiting your womb. 

  1. Bath Tub- I am a believer in baby bath tubs. I know you can do sink baths or baths in the big bath, but a tiny bath for a tiny baby is what worked for us. This one by 4moms is pretty spiffy! 
  2. Breastpump- I was wondering if this was considered an "essential" or not. I think personally for me it is. Reason being, nursing Avery was an ABSOLUTE nightmare. I am PRAYING things will be better with Ryder. I ended up exclusively pumping so that is why I included the pump. If you are planning to pump at all for whatever reason get a Medela. It doesn't need to be the Freestyle but having one from Medela makes a HUGE difference. 
  3. Stroller- You have got to get that baby around some how! I am big on baby wearing but also big on strolling. Get a stroller that works as a travel system. That way you can transfer from car to stroller with ease. In the early months this was awesome! Avery would fall asleep and I was able to keep her asleep through the whole outing via our travel system.
  4. Swaddles- Much like the swiss army knife of babyhood a swaddle is essential. These are great to have! Nursing cover, blanket, play mat, changing table cover, these swaddles do it all!
  5. Breastfeeding Starter Kit- This is cool. It comes with nipple cream, pads, boob relief cold/hot packs and even a latch assist. This is an awesome assortment of things that are great to have on hand.
  6. Bottles- Even if you are planning on breastfeeding it's good to have a couple bottles on hand. I was not expecting to bottle feed for the first 6 months of Avery's life. That's not how things played out for us though! It's better to be prepared. I like the wide base of these Como Tomo bottles. This helps your breastfed baby to not get a lazy latch. He will still have to work and latch on to the wide base to get the milk out.
  7. Diaper Bag- These little people sure do require a lot of stuff! You will need something cute to carry it all. I love this Jujubee bag. The backpack option is my favorite feature I love being hands free. I was torn between the boxy backpack by Petunia Pickle Bottom which is another great option. This one is just a bit lighter.
  8. Rock N' Play- I love these things! This is a great place for your baby to sleep for those first months. We didn't even use the crib because this was so convenient. Bonus- it's light enough to transfer from room to room.
  9. Baby Monitor- Like the breastpump this is also personal preference. When we were in our one bedroom apartment a monitor was not necessary. Now that we have more space and a toddler to take care of I think we will need one to keep tabs on the babe. 
  10. Infant Car Seat- Safety first! This Britax car seat is RAD. One thing I love about it is the quick adjust harness. As baby grows you will not have to adjust the belts on the harness manually, this seat allows you to do that with the click of a button.
  11. Grooming Kit- These are so handy! Full of things you don't know you need, until you need them!
  12. Swing- Swings are awesome! This gives baby a safe place to rest while you take care of things, like cleaning, cooking, homework or watching the bachelorette. It's a bonus if they fall asleep in the swing! We had a Fisher Price swing that Avery loved! I am a huge fan of 4moms products though so I thought I would include their MamaRoo. I hope we get to try one out with Ryder! 

There you have it! The base of your registry! Start with these items and just work your way up from there. 

Remember that the things you have don't make you a good mom, the fact that you are worried about being a good mom, makes you a good mom. 

Thank you to buybuy BABY for sponsoring this post! I had no idea I could have so much fun in a baby store! I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own (as always).

I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy baby shopping!

In love, Rachel