Toddler Pool Days! - Raising Up Wonder

Toddler Pool Days!

Hello again!

I'm so happy it's the weekend! We took Avery to the lake to fish after Blake (that's my husband/baby daddy) got home from work. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I casted for her and she reeled in her bobber. The fun was short lived because somebody forgot the PowerBait.... the fish we're not into it.

It's been pretty warm here in Southern CA so Avery and I have been frequenting the community pool. It's been a lot of fun having a water baby! I hope her little brother enjoys the water as much as she does. Here's a little snapshot of what we make sure to bring on our trips. 

The Essentials:
-Sun Screen 
-H2O flat and sparkling (so fancy!)
-Swim Diapers (can we be potty trained yet?)
-Band-Aids: Funny story. Our pool has a splash pad. The ground is SUPER coarse so you don't slip. But by heavens if you do, you will bleed. No doubt. So after Avery got her first battle wound I made sure to keep these with us. 
-Swim Zip Suit (this thing is just AMAZING. Read more about it below!)

It takes us a whole 3 minutes to walk to the pool. Avery really enjoys the ride! I never knew I needed a wagon until I got one. Toddlers really prefer this method of transportation for some reason. I guess life is just more fun in a wagon?

Where's Avery?

Decked out in floaties and her favorite swim suit. It's yellow which is one of her favorite colors (she's two so it's usually different every time I ask)

A few things I love about this suit:

-Peace of mind! Avery is SO fair. I really had no idea I would produce such a fair skinned child, but it did. She literally burns within minutes of being outside. In this suit I apply sunscreen one time before we leave and don't have to worry about it the rest of the day. (I do have to reapply sunscreen to her face. I use this and LOVE it) The suit is UPF 50 and covers her tiny shoulders that burn easy.
-Easy on, easy off. Let's be real no kid likes when you squeeze their big ol' noggin in those rash guard. They sure don't like taking them off when they're all wet either.
-They are cute! These suits come in so many fun prints for babies, tots, big kids, men and women. Suit up your whole family!

I have my eye on this one for Avery- California Dreamin'

And this cover up for me- Stunner Now to be honest I never thought I'd be in the market for a long sleeved swim cover up. But with all these pool trips my shoulders are getting burnt! I have yet to find a sunscreen that will shield me from these intense rays. p.s please leave me sunscreen recommendations.

This sweet child I made. When I ask her to show me her "mean face" this is what she produces.

One of my favorite things about our pool days is the nap she takes after! Swimming wears her out and she usually takes a longer nap. #sorryimnotsorry #allhailNAPS

Please go check out Swim Zip if you haven't already. The founder's name is Betsy and she is one of the sweetest people I have met (via the internet). Her story is inspiring and you may have seen her on Shark Tank!

That's all for now! 

In love, Rachel