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BumpDate 2nd Trimester (done!)

Well I blinked and somehow this 2nd trimester flew by! I have no idea how that happened. I feel like it just flies by especially after you hit the 99 day countdown. This was a pretty good trimester. Besides the one trip to the emergency room...

I was:

  1. Less tired (but still tired, because toddler)
  2. Hungry
  3. Comfortable (for the most part) 
I am craving breakfast! At all hours of the day, just give me breakfast. This is troubling because my husband is "not a breakfast person" (is he human idk?) Mostly carbs, waffles, pancakes, you know healthy stuff. I curb my cravings with these awesome Kodiak protein pancakes I found at Target.  Another craving that fits with the breakfast theme is pop tarts...but they can't just be any pop tarts they have to be these organic "toaster pastries" I also found at Target. 

Baby boy is moving and grooving! I am now feeling full on limbs swipe across my abdomen. This is one of the greatest feelings ever. When I feel him I can't help but think "Thank you Lord!" What an amazing blessing this is! 

A few things that have been really helpful:

  1. Snoogle: Bless the Snoogle y'all. It is a game changer.  It makes sleep great again and really makes it hard to get out of bed. There are also tons of uses for it for postpartum! 
  2. Belly Oil: I've been using this oil from Zoe Organics, so far so good! I have only noticed stretch marks from my previous pregnancy. It smells really good and isn't full of tons of chemicals. The Mustella cream I used with Avery was more expensive, didn't work and was full of fragrance. 
  3. Comfy Jammies- I LOVE these pj's from Belabumbum! They are perfect for the summer and so dang comfy. Also perfect for nursing! Which (God willing) is something I'll be doing a lot of. 
  4. Sparkling Water: I have been a soda freak since like middle school...first it was Dr. Pepper then Diet Coke. When I started getting migraines from the aspartame I stopped the Diet Coke lol. I LOVE THE BUBBLES! The pineapple Dasani water is really good and gives me the carbonation I crave. 
  5. Comfy Leggings- I love these basic black leggings from Preggo Leggings. They are very high-rise which is super comfy for my bump. They are not too thick which makes them great for summer! I do have to say, you have to cover your butt with a long tank or tunic. I noticed they were a bit sheer on my boo-tay. 
  6. Milkshakes: Yummmmmmm! I made the mistake of drinking a LOT of milkshakes when I was pregnant with Avery to combat my heartburn! Sounds reasonable right? No. I think I'm still carrying around that milkshake weight. Now these are totally reduced guilt. They are actually GOOD for mama and baby! Think prenatal vitamin in a yummy shake. I love to blend this Kona Mocha flavor by Baby Booster with a frozen banana and almond milk. 
Other random things:
The emergency room visit I mentioned above, it was interesting. Long story short I thought I had a blood clot in my leg. Obviously I thought "well this thing is bound to rupture and I'm a gonner". That was not the case. Turns out the vein that was swollen and dark blue was just that way from the pressure Ryder is putting on my uterus. My OB said it is very common and the vein in question will probably get bigger and darker (great).

I haven't gotten my gestational diabetes results back but I'm hopeful everything is okay and the decaf s'mores fraps haven't caught up with me. (oops)

I'm looking into encapsulating my placenta, if you have any info on this leave a comment!

Looking forward to week 29!

In love,