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Comfort: Featuring Evy's Tree Luxury Hoodies {review}

Happy Friday beautiful friends! I hope you got some sleep last night and drank some yummy coffee this morning. I know I did, well the coffee part!

Last night/this morning around 1:00 AM us Southern CA dwellers got had a pretty good earthquake. I feel like everyone reacts differently to them. My mom freaks and runs for the hills and my best friend goes straight for her dogs. Me? I woke up my husband; muttered "earthquake" and just laid there accepting my fate (if Avery didn't sleep right next to me I assume I'd run to her?) haha! They do scare me though! I could not get myself go back to sleep in fear of aftershocks. 

Today I wanted to share about a beautiful brand I stumbled upon on this wonderful thing we call the internet. 

Evy's Tree is a luxury hoodie brand that was created by a mama on a mission. The co founder Amy was inspired by how other moms could create beautiful things for their families on a small budget. She borrowed her mother's sewing machine and got to work.I feel like a lot of us moms can totally relate to this feeling! I mean, you can spend one minute on Pinterest and feel like a total failure. Plot twist, you're not!

Amy sewed some hoodies together for a family trip to Walt Disney World and got so many compliments on them. Shortly after Evy's Tree was born! When selling her first batch of hoodies she sold 15 in 30 minutes! They are that good.

This is the Sophie Hoodie in Silver. Find it here.

There are two things I really love about Evy's tree:
  1. The quality is unlike any other hoodie I own. The fabric is so soft! This hoodie feels very durable and I am not easy on my clothes (I have a toddler people!) I can see this lasting me through many seasons of wear. 
  2. The style. When is the last time you felt cute or stylish in a hoodie? For me the answer is never. Hoodies get a rep for being the uniform of frump town. What is great about this one is you get all the comfort and style!
Feeling comfortable is huge for me. I am the type of person where if I don't feel comfortable or confident in what I'm wearing all I can think about is going home to change. 

More on comfort: Do you ever feel like you can be too comfortable in a season of life? I do! I find myself thinking, "okay Lord what's next?" You can just feel change looming. 

Not to say that change is bad, it's great! But comfort is well, comfortable.

Right now I feel so comfortable in mine and Avery's routine. I'm out of school and I feel like we are in such a great daily routine. Breakfast, play, nap, play. bath and bedtime (in a nutshell)

Our comfy routine is about to get seriously interrupted and to be honest I am scared. There are so many emotions of excitement and happiness that come with pregnancy! I feel overjoyed every time I feel this little boy move around. He is worth every pound gained and every stretch mark that has appeared. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anxious for his arrival.

With that said, I don't think I'll ever be "ready" but I know change brings growth and I'm praying to grow as a mother as we welcome Ryder. I'm also pretty stoked I'll have a cute hoodie to throw on over my postpartum fashions. (You know, milk stained t shirts and baggy pants lol!)

Let me know how you coped with welcoming baby #2 below! (give me words of wisdom!!!)

Please check out Evy's Tree here and let me know what you think!



Thank you Evy's Tree for supplying this beautiful hoodie for this review. All opinions are my own as always.

Talk soon!
In love, Rachel