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7 Breastfeeding Essentials


I'm seeing a pattern here, I'm posting here every Friday! Maybe because Friday is my favorite day. Well it used to be...for the next four years the husband will be in school 3 Saturdays out of the month. FOUR YEARS.

While this totally sucks (really hard) I'm trying to be optimistic and grateful for the opportunity for him to be in his apprenticeship program. But still, Saturdays? COME ON!

As you can see from the title I thought I would lay down some rad breastfeeding products for you to try in honor of World Breastfeeding Week. Now let me just say this whole breastfeeding week still leaves me a little salty because of how hard I had it with baby number 1. But I am feeling really good about trying again and even learned a ton of new things from Lindsay though her Lactation Link online courses. I HIGHLY recommend those. The classes definitely gave me more confidence. You can check her out here.

  1. Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter- This one is made from all natural ingredients, smells great, and is safe for mom and baby. I used this with Avery for a while, it became my "pumping lube"... 
  2. Oat Mama Bars- These are so yummy! To get my supply up with Avery I ate a ton of lactation cookies. They helped but they honestly were not the most nutrient dense. With the Oat Mama bars you get the lactation benefits all while making a healthy choice. Plus they are so easy to throw in your diaper bag! 
  3. Little Biting Tree Necklace- These are so handy to have! Breastfeeding or not babies LOVE to play and chew on things you have dangling from your neck. I know you have seen those huge chunky silicone necklaces but they scream "teething toy". These are the total opposite! They are so pretty and completely safe for baby to chew on/play with. 
  4. lil'buds- These babies are awesome! These breast packs can be used hot or cold to alleviate any nursing pains. This includes clogged ducts, mastitis, or weaning. No plastic or harmful chemicals either! They also come with the option to be filled with flax and lavender which smells heavenly. While I'm not excited for the pains that come with nursing I'm excited to have these to help me out. And because the owner Portland is a total sweetheart she is offering 15% off with code MAMA15 just for my readers! 
  5. Native Wild's Nest- I have a few of these nursing/car seat/shopping cart covers but this one by Native Wilds is by far my favorite. It is SO soft I would swaddle my baby in it! It makes a great nursing cover by providing 360 degree coverage. There is even a handy pocket for you to store keys, a cell phone or bottle. The company and Mama behind it is amazing as well. Every Nest is made in the US, they are eco friendly and their fabric is harvested from sustainably grown trees. My favorite thing about them is that a portion of each sale helps fund a birth kit for a mother in an underdeveloped area of the world. ***For 10$ off through 8/7/2016 use code: hey pretty mama
  6. Cake Nursing Bra- This bra is extremely comfy! It is perfect for everyday and sleep. It feels like a boob hug and it's going in my hospital bag. The fabric is super soft but it provides amazing support. The cups are not padded which leaves you with room to put in some breast pads for milk spillage. 
  7. Tubby Todd Mama Nursing Salve- I was pretty excited when my favorite baby soap line came out with things just for mama's! I decided to include two nursing salves in this post one that is lanolin based and one that is not. This one by Tubby Todd is and, the lanolin works wonders on cracked nipples. While I am really hoping to not have my nipples fall off again (exaggeration but that's what it felt like) I am happy to have this tube handy to help a sister out. Also! If you are pregnant, owner Andrea mentioned that using this a few weeks before birth could benefit your nips. Yay! 

So there is a handy dandy list of some nursing items I am excited to try (and try again) this time around. While I am still feeling super anxious about breastfeeding again and being a mom of two in general I'm trying my best to stay optimistic. Pray for me y'all! Now I am going to go pack my hospital bag, because we are officially full term! It's the final countdown! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

In love, Rachel