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Baby Shower Fun!

Hello Friends! Today I wanted to share a bit about Ryder's baby shower. This was such a fun day for me and I left feeling so loved. There's nothing quite like having friends and family share in the excitement of your newest bundle. Ryder is so loved already and I am so grateful for it!.

I really enjoy party planning. So much I even took a rad ecourse on the subject. My friend Natalie at is pretty much the queen of parties. She inspired Avery's puppy party! Check out her ecourse here, she is so much fun! 

It is so much fun to have a vision and see it all play out. My best friend threw me this shower and was probably the best host in the world. She works full time but still made time for us to craft together and left out no details. I love to craft so I did not mind crafting a few things. The tassel garland I made for around $10 in supplies and the arrow backdrop I also made for the price of some gold spray paint. 

Pretty much everything else was purchased at my favorite place, Hobby Lobby. I can't handle that place. Way too much cute stuff for one store. 

I was on the hunt for something to wear for a while! I wanted something stretchy (obviously) but also fun enough for a baby shower. I was so happy to find this dress from Figure 8 Maternity! It is by the brand Ingrid and Isabel and I felt great in it! I had never heard of Figure 8 Maternity before but I wish I had sooner. They have such an amazing selection of maternity and nursing wear. They have such great customer service too! I expressed that I needed my dress in time for my baby shower and it arrived in just two days. It was giftwrapped and included some really fun samples for me and baby boy. I can't wait to order some pajamas to take with me to the hospital!

I have always wanted to wear a flower crown guys, so I took this opportunity to do it! I felt like a pregnant goddess in it lol! The only negative is that I can't wear one everyday! 

The shower was pretty casual. We decided on coed so everyone could come celebrate. We didn't do any games but had a diaper raffle which was awesome! Avery even got to pick the winner! 

She had so much fun playing with her friends and cousins that came. She started handing out Ryder's gifts to all the babies at the party. It was so funny! 

I'm pretty big on sweets, that's not a pregnancy thing either. I'm just a gal who loves cake. So when I saw this get delivered I about died. 

The top layer was red velvet and the bottom was white cake with a raspberry filling. SO GOOD!

Look at this SWEET baby! How cute is he? This was my favorite part. We took the topper home and I think I'll keep it forever. Someone even mentioned we could use it for his first birthday. I thought that was a cute idea. 

I still can't believe there will be four of us soon! 

The hostess with the mostess! She is the best! We are going on 13 years of friendship.

This shower was just so much fun! We all came together, ate great tacos and laughed ALOT. We are so blessed with the most amazing family and friends.

It is officially game time! Ryder could be here any day now. It's hard to wait but I know he will come when he is ready. I can't wait to see what he looks like, hold him in my arms and smell that glorious new baby smell! Thank you for reading and for coming along with me on this journey! If you have any questions about anything in this post I would be happy to talk about them, just email me! Or maybe you want to talk tacos, we can to that too.

Ready or not here he comes!

In love, Rachel