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Newborn Necessities (what I actually needed)

Hi friends!

When you're pregnant it is so easy to over purchase baby items. Often times we stress over what the heck we will need when the baby actually arrives! It can be a little bit scary.

With my second baby I have found that in the beginning they really don't need that much at all. Which is great news!

Here are some items that we couldn't have lived without those first weeks.

A safe place for baby to sleep:

You have probably heard of this magic little baby pillow before! It really is a great item to have on hand. It serves as a super portable safe place to set baby down. It's portability is probably my favorite feature. It is also snug and secure like the womb which I think is why babies love it!
I had one of these with Avery and loved it. I knew Ryder would need one too. Also very portable! If Ryder wakes up I can usually rock him back to sleep (if he's not hungry...) while laying in my bed. 

Feeding Supplies
  • Bottles
Just buy them. Even if you were stubborn like me and said "I won't even need bottles, I'm breastfeeding darn it!" I cannot put into words what you feel when your baby is hungry and crying but the latch isn't right or your nipples are bleeding! It is awful! I had horrible problems with both babies and pumping some milk and using bottles while things got right saved my life. So just get one or two to be prepared.

Nursing Attire

This has been my go to mom outfit during this 4th trimester! This tank from Figure 8 Maternity and these Belly Bandit leggings. 

Another item I didn't think I needed but was so happy to have! The first weeks you are literally ALWAYS breastfeeding. I felt like my boobs were just out, all day, all night! It was sooo nice to have a top that had a supportive bra and nursing clips. I have been living in this thing. There are other nursing tanks out there but the bra built in this one is great! That makes all the difference to me. It has a little padding which is perfect to conceal the nips and also to absorb some leakage.... (add nursing pads to this list lol). The straps can also convert to a racerback style! Thank you to Figure 8 for providing the tank for this post! 

Boob Supplies

SO NICE for sore/engorged boobies. You can use these hot or cold. Do yourself a favor and get the lavender scented ones they smell heavenly! 

  • Nipple Creams
I have used so many of these. I really love Tubby Todd's MAMA lanolin cream for keeping things moisturized and preventing scabs.

But for real wrecked (scabbed/bleeding) nipples get a prescription (through your OBGYN) for Dr. Newman's  APNO or All Purpose Nipple Ointment. It is a compound of different ointments that will help with healing, pain and preventing yeast (thrush). 

Swaddle Blankets

So incredibly cute and so many uses. These are the best! Great for swaddling, nursing covers, or as a place to change baby on the go. I love the scripture swaddles, they make for really fun pictures!

  • Easy Swaddles
The Miracle Blanket is a miracle! My aunt sent me this and it has been so amazing! It has a spot to wrap their little arms down so they have a harder time breaking free like a newborn straight jacket.... kidding! But it kind of is...  It also applies pressure to their little bellies to help with gas. 

I also really like the SwaddleMe Swaddles. They are SO easy to use which is great for sleep deprived adults. 


These are great for when you just need to put the baby down! You know so you can eat or maybe use the bathroom. They day we got home from the hospital I told Blake, "We need a swing!" Avery had a Fisher Price swing that she loved for a little, this time we got fancy and bought a 4Moms swing, I can already tell Ryder will get more use out of this one. The seat seems to be bigger (and adjustable) The different setting are really cool too! So far "car ride" is the fave. 


Newborn snuggles are the best, but as a mom of two holding Ryder all day just is just not an option. Babywearing saved me!!! My two favorites are the Solly Baby Wrap and the Sakura Bloom ring sling. The wrap is so nice for those early weeks and I love the support it gives their head. The sling is extremely easy to put on which is why i love it! Just pull the tail and you are good to go!

I hope this post was helpful! I know how overwhelming it can be with all the stuff and things people tell us we need for our baby. Just remember that at first your baby will just poop, sleep and eat. So as long as you have products that help you with that you are good! The high chair, activity mat and toys can all wait! 

In love, Rachel