Pumpkin Patch Adventures With BOB Gear - Raising Up Wonder

Pumpkin Patch Adventures With BOB Gear

Call me basic if you please but I love pumpkin everything.

My addiction started in elementary school when my mom would put those Little Debbie pumpkin treats in my lunch. You can't imagine my excitement when I saw one of those jack o lantern snacks in my lunch pail! I have such great memories surrounding this season I can't wait to make those memories with my babies. Here's a little recap from our trip and some information on the stroller that helped make our trip as easy as possible with two young kids.

We ventured out into the crisp fall air... kidding, it was 80 degrees out. Avery is so excited about pumpkins and Halloween this year so once she saw where we were she stopped her toddler sass!

I got Avery and Ryder both buckled in the BOB. Avery stayed in for a whole two minutes before she was ready to run free. Which was fine with me! Please burn some energy child.

First up was the tower of hay! Girlfriend had to climb it ASAP. "I do it myself mama."

"Mama, this one's heavy!"

Trying to decide which one to pick, she ended up not going with any of these. Also I never thought I'd make my little ones match each other but I could not resist! Ryder has a matching tee from Trendy Cactus.

It is so much fun seeing this baby, who is such a big girl now discover the world around her. She was so happy to just run from hay bale to hay bale. The faster she ran the harder she laughed. I was pretty happy I put her in these adorable little shoes from See Kai Run. They are velcro which makes them really easy to put on and off. Too easy maybe haha, Avery takes her shoes off in the car everytime we go somewhere. Never fails! Do other toddlers do this?! Anyways they are a really rad shoe brand that focuses on healthy foot development as well as keeping things cute! Win/win!

She was so proud she could carry TWO pumpkins.

Ryder hung out in the stroller for the trip, sleeping on and off.

When BOB asked if I would like to review a Duallie stroller for our growing family I was beyond excited. We had a single BOB with Avery and she still uses that thing! We got a Britax car seat to go with it like Ryder's and it made for the perfect travel system. These strollers are not just for running! They are so easy to maneuver and push. Plus they can go ANYWHERE. You never have to worry about taking the stroller off-roading because it can really handle anything. From Disneyland to your favorite trails. Here is the model we have.

Hills? No problem! 

There are so many great features! A few of my favorites are the adjustable handle bar, large cargo basket and adjustable seats. Each seat adjusts individually too just incase one kiddo is awake and one is asleep. Oh! And the sun shades are amazing! Avery is so prone to sun burns this feature is extra helpful.

Both babes fit comfy in it too! Plenty of room for both pumpkins.

Avery loves to hold her brothers hand too! She has been adjusting and things are definitely getting better. At first she was not to sure about her little brother.

This little one has my heart! While I had no problem making room for a new sweet baby it is hard sometimes. We are finally finding our balance again and getting out of the house more and more!

Also look out for some more info on the BOB soon! Since I'm cleared to start exercising again I'm taking these two babies jogging with me. After that I can touch on those features.

I am so excited for more fall adventures. I can't believe there will be four of us this year, God is so good.

In love,