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Moto Mama!

* I received tickets to Supercross in exchange for sharing why we love to go!

Last year at Supercross! There was a teeny baby in my tummy!

Hello Friends!

My husband doesn't read my blog (maybe he does secretly? Hi Blake!) Anyways if he did I think this would be his favorite post. Because I'm sharing about one of his favorite things ever, motocross.

You guys, before I met my husband I had no idea how big this sport is. It's bananas! My husband has been riding motorcycles since he was in diapers (kidding!) but pretty early on. His dad got him into it and Blake plans to carry that tradition on with our kids.

When we were dating I was always going to his races to support him. The early mornings and smell of gasoline are vivid memories. He stopped racing years ago but we have been going to Monster Energy Supercross since.

Supercross is so much fun! When we go, we go all day. We hang out in the pits during the day which is pretty much like a mini festival. Then we go back and forth to watch the racers practice. At 6:30pm show starts! It is so rad seeing the opening ceremonies and watching all the races. The first race of the season is in Anaheim and it is this Saturday the 7th! If you are local and need something to do that day you should definitely come. It's a really cool experience and I love that we can bond over something he loves so much. This year we are going to bring Avery and I know she is going to love it. She is a total daddy's girl and I have a feeling you'll be seeing her riding around on a dirtbike here soon!

Check out this video:

and find out more about this nationwide event here:

Talk soon!

In love, Rachel