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6 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Hey there! I love baby showers, everything about them! They are so much fun! I mean there's food, fun themes and cheesy games! The cheesy games are they best cheesier the better actually (that's a great life philosophy...) But what I love most is showering the mama to be with things that will truly help her in taking care of her brand new baby. Now, I am a firm believer in gift cards, if you are absolutely stumped on what to get, grab a gift card. There's nothing like shopping in that cute baby aisle while you're (not so patiently) waiting on your new baby to arrive. 

But! I hope this post helps you think of some really fun ideas that mom will love! 

This thing is so neat! Whenever I use mine I get stopped, people want to know what this genius contraption is called. It's a hammock that attaches to any shopping cart. So you can safely place small babies in the cart instead of lugging around the infant car seat. But if you want to bring the infant carrier in you can do that too! This hammock provides a safe place to secure the car seat in the cart.

A cozy blanket for mom. It's fun to get the mom to be a mama present! Plus chances are she will be camped out in bed or on the couch for a couple of weeks. This blanket is what heaven must feel like. We have one in brown and it's supposed to stay down stairs but I can't help sleeping with it!

Fun. Cute. Functional. This little thing is all of the above! Made with stretchy elastic and a gold filled centerpiece this piece works as a reminder to tell mom which side she nursed on last. Not nursing? It's also a really pretty piece of jewelry that one scratch or pinch your little one! That's what we call a two-fer. 

`This swaddle blanket was the only way I slept for Ryder's first months. So give the gift of sleep. Haha! Really though this swaddle pins down little baby arms so they can't escape! It is really easy to use and best of all it WORKS. 

These are a fun way to capture milestones without having to remember to fill in the baby book. I admit, Avery's still isn't done and she's almost 3. 

These tanks are another really great invention! They hook onto any nursing bra which turns it into a nursing tank. GENIUS! I like keeping things simple!

I hope this little list of things helps you find that perfect shower gift. You know the one the mom to be calls you about and says "Girl, you the real MVP, your shower gift was amazing and SO USEFUL!"

Remember though: gift cards and gift receipts are very handy!

In love, Rachel