Remember To Be Kind - Raising Up Wonder

Remember To Be Kind

I woke up this morning pretty excited!

I was going to get the acai bowl I've been wanting for a week! So even though Ryder woke up at 6am on the dot, I was just thinking about the acai bowl. Haha! If it's not coffee motivating me, it's food. He's still eating all night, every night which I guess is a whole other post.

I got the babies ready with minimal tears and we were headed to the acai bowl spot! Long story short I got my acai bowl and it was everything I imagined and more.

There is a really nice park right down the road and we never a good enough excuse to make it out there. It was too nice of a day to not go so we went! I was so excited to take Avery to a new place.

We get there and there's 3 other kids to play with. Two other moms were there who seemed like they were catching up. Avery found a good spot to play and was having fun! I looked over and saw the stroller mom workout group, stroller strides. They were getting down to business! I've always thought it would be so fun to do that! But to be honest it's just not possible for our family to drop 60+ dollars a month on extras like that. Once they were done all of their adorable kiddos and the mamas came to play at the playground we were on! Like a herd haha! It was really funny. I was standing watching Avery when I heard one of the moms say something that was just flat out mean.

"Ugh! I hate when there's other people at the park that aren't in our group!"

Now, I think she may have thought I was in their group since I was wearing a ball cap like most of them....

So obviously she didn't notice an "outsider" was listening.  I kind of looked around like, did girlfriend just say what I think she said?! She did. I was pretty shocked. Did it hurt my feelings? No. I know better than to be hurt by what some mean girl says.

But could it have hurt my feelings? Definitely!

What if I had just moved to town and I was trying my best to make friends? Or maybe I had finally gotten out of the house after a really bad mom day just craving some support.

That would have really hurt my heart, I would have left feeling defeated.

My point here is, being a mom is hard. It's really really hard! So hard we are not built to do it alone! We need friends, we need community, we need to be loved on! So do me a favor today,

smile at the mom whos kids are fuuuuh-liping out in the Target check out.

Ask the lonely mom at the park how old her kids are.

The mom whos baby just chucked her toy out of the stroller for the 50th time, pick it up for her.

Listen to the mom on Facebook who is blowing up a group page for advice.

It costs nothing to be kind to one another.