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Spring Into Brighter Days With Origami Owl!

Winter is too cold and Summer is way too hot! I'm a big fan of Spring though! There is something about seeing blue skies and flower blossoms that make me so happy. The color that starts to emerge inspires us to also bloom into our greatest self. Back in 2013 I made a move that was kinda scary but ultimately taught me so much about myself.

I randomly stumbled across Origami Owl on Facebook one day. I was immediately drawn to the uniqueness of their story and how fun their product line was. Bella Weems founded the company when she was a teenager after working towards buying her own car. What it turned into is nothing short of amazing. The company's product line has really grown. But I think their core product is their living locket.

These lockets serve as a way to tell your own unique story through fun charms. Lockets can be worn on necklaces, bracelets and even rings!

All of us have a story and that story is worth telling.

When I was with Origami Owl I learned not only how to set goals for myself but how to achieve those goals through hard work and dedication. I noticed the more work I put in the greater the reward. It was such a fun experience and uncovered this entrepreneurial side of me I had no idea existed.

Since working with Origami Owl I have been a part of 2 other direct sales companies. Without question Origami Owl provides more love, support, materials and passion. Their mission statement is one I wholeheartedly believe in and try to live by:

I'm sharing this with you because they have a really great opportunity for new designers right now. Since I'm not active anymore I don't get anything for sharing this with you, I just really love this company and the sweet people involved.

For $99 you can buy a whole starter kit that includes everything you need to start your business. That's just a month of Starbucks trips! I mentioned above how I have been involved with other companies and I can say that their kits did not compare. This one includes SO MUCH for the cost. Here is a picture for reference:

If there's one thing the folks at Origami Owl love it is to surprise and spoil their designers! They are surprising designers with hidden eggs placed in random kits. These kits could be ANYTHING, seriously! Sky's the limit! So not only do you get hooked up with everything you need to start a business but you also could get a fun surprise egg too!

This business is for everyone! Even those as young 12 can get in on this with a parent. If you have any questions or would like to pick my brain I'd be so happy to talk about my experience!

To learn more you can visit their site here

Wishing you a warm and happy Spring!

In love, Rachel