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Summer Bucket List!

Friends, this post is sponsored by Janie & Jack! 

Hey guys! It's been a little while since I've updated the ol' blog. To be honest, I attribute that to poor time management and just being generally uninspired. I have so many things I've been working on and so many posts in my drafts!

But I am feeling much better now and I even gave my blog a little make over! I am so excited for everything I have planned to create this summer. But the time spent not blogging is going to be spent with these two little kiddos! I wanted to get a little list together to look back on when we get cabin fever.

1. Go pick blueberries
2. Buy dinner at the farmers market
3. One day completely technology free (please no more surprise egg videos!)

4. Go to the zoo
5. Go camping
6. Eat ice cream for dinner
7. Teach Avery to swim without floaties!
8. Make pancakes together
9. Collect sea shells
10. Eat dinner outside

11. Spend the night at Disneyland (so magical!)
12. Visit daddy at work
13. Watch a movie outside (at the beach or park maybe even the drive in!)
14. Go on a hike
15. Play soccer
16. Feed goats at a farm
17. Make lemon pie
18. Go on a boat!

19. Leave the state
20. Visit grandparents in Florida (this would be amazing)
21. Watch fireworks
22. Go to a fair
23. See a concert

24. Build a fort
25. Make s'mores
26. Build a sandcastle

27. Make a strawberry shortcake
28. Go to the lake
29. Go fishing

30. Make slime
31. Play with a water table
32. Go on a family bike ride
33. Take Ryder to the baby gym
34. Try baby Zumba with both kiddos!
35. Have a picnic with friends

I can't believe summer is here! It's hard to believe that at the end of summer I will have a 3 year old and a big one year old! Can we please slow time down, just a smidge? This summer I want to try my best to be intentional with these little people. When I just stop and get myself out of survival mode it makes such a difference! Even if we don't do our whole bucket list as long as I can slow down and eat some s'more with my babies I will be so happy! 

For these photos the little ones were dressed in outfits from Janie And Jack! I love the quality of these clothes and all of the bright summer colors. I mean, did you see Ryder's chunky little thighs in his overalls?! My heart! My picks were easy and breathable, perfect for this Southern California heat. 

I hope you had fun reading through our summer dreams. Check out Janie And Jack's site to see if they have some cute things for your summer adventures!

In love,