In The Trenches Of Motherhood - Raising Up Wonder

In The Trenches Of Motherhood

The baby is crying.
The eggs are burning.
The phone is ringing.
Peppa Pig is whining in the background.
Your toddler just yelled "mama I peed on the stairs!"
And you haven't even tasted that first glorious sip of coffee.

Sound familiar?

A lot of my days look like this. Most of the time I can get a grip on things and execute the things I need to do and avoid as many meltdowns as I can doing so.  But some days

I just can't.

Somedays I feel like every single ounce of energy has literally been sucked out of my body and I feel empty. Somedays I look around at the 30 messes in every room and think I'm failing at this mom thing. Somedays I have to lock myself in the bathroom just two have two minutes alone without anyone touching me.

 And somedays I just feel like giving up.

I wonder when I will feel like myself again and not just a mom in sweatpants and wet puffs stuck to her clothes. I wonder if I'll ever be able to feel like I'm winning at this mom thing!

Yesterday I had a day like this and I read something that sparked some life into my tired eyes.

"There is no small job in the kingdom of God. "

You see, these day to day mundane things are actually huge things. These little things are making a big difference. These little babies are the future and what we do for them today gives them what they need to grow. Motherhood is like a garden, so much work goes into planting the seeds and caring for our tiny plants it's easy to forget that this is just a brief season in their life and in ours. In the end the outcome will be beautiful.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is it's okay to have bad days,

it's okay the feel like you are failing,

 it's okay to wish the time by.

 Because this season is hard! But it's also beautiful. Messy but beautiful!

In love, Rachel