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10 Things I Didn't Know About My Baby's Gut!

Hi Friends!

After two kids I was feeling pretty confident in my baby knowledge. One thing I love to do is research. I researched everything, when I was pregnant with Avery I was constantly on my computer probably overthinking 90% of things. Because that's what first time moms do! Especially when they are too pregnant for life. Like I was here: 

One thing I can honestly say I never typed into my trusty Google search was gut health. I have heard things about probiotics for adults and I am Kombucha obsessed but I just never thought about the tiny baby guts! So when Evivo invited me to talk baby gut health at the most adorable restaurant I said "yes please!" 

Evivo is a probiotic made just for our tiny babes! Here are some things I learned that I want to share with my mama tribe:

1. "A microbiome is a collection of tiny microorganisms that live within one's ecosystems— on our skin, in our eyes and mouth, and in our intestines, or gut. Put them all together and you have your unique microbiome. Babies receive their unique gut microbiome from their mothers’ microbiome the minute they are born." (From Evivos site)

2. Most babies, 97%, are not born with B.infantis in their gut microbiome

3. B.infantis is a good bacteria that keeps harmful bacterias at bay.

4. Evivo is a powdered probiotic containing B. infantis, when mixed with breastmilk it can restore babies gut to the way it was supposed to be protecting your little one from the inside out.

5. It is ideal to start once a day Evivo during the first six months of life. You can start the day you come home from the hospital!

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6. 15% of the energy in breast milk is not used by baby. This portion, called HMOs or human milk oligosaccharides requires (you guessed it!) B. infantis in order to be digested by baby.

7. Studies have shown that  babies with B. infantis growing strong inside them have a smaller risk of allergies and diseases. Even a stronger immune system and less inflammation!

8. A healthy gut could mean less, more solid poops! Less blowouts and less poop sounds good to me. p.s if you're new to motherhood get ready to talk about poop! So. Much. Poop.

9. Evivo not only will treat the poop problems like, constipation, gas or colic but fix them! Bye bye fussy baby!

10. Once the good gut is established baby should keep the good bacteria for life! Good job mama!

Learning about this stuff was so interesting to me! It's crazy that something so small (like bacteria) could have such a huge impact on our heath.

Now mama, I know what you're thinking! You don't want to add another thing to your long to-do list. But Evivo makes this really easy! The probiotic is cold shipped to your door. You can store it in your freezer and refrigerate it when it's ready to use! You just need a tiny bit of breast milk to mix with it. 3-5ml is perfect! You can totally self express this or use one of these handy hakka pumps right before you plan to give Evivo.

Here's a short little video I made of Ryder and I getting his Evivo in!

Let me know what you think! Was baby gut health one of the things you researched?

Talk soon friends!

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