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Cooking With Gobble!

Thank you Gobble for teaming up with Mama Loves Little and sponsoring this blog post. As always my opinions are 100% authentic to my experience. 

Hello! Happy Tuesday! I am the putting the B in basic right now because the temperature has fallen below 90 and I'm totally lighting all my Fall candles. I was just so over Summer though! It stinks when it's too hot to even take the babes outside. Don't get me wrong I love a good beach day but when those leaves start to fall it lights a cozy fire within me!

 Recently I got the opportunity to try a new meal service called Gobble. Some pros of Gobble right off the top of my head are:

No meal planning
Minimal prep
No grocery runs (for dinner ingredients)
Homemade meals with minimal effort

I'm a total wannabe fancy homemaker guys. I have big dreams but when it comes down to it I just fail to plan our dinners. I'm working on it and getting better but nothing hurts more than throwing away food that went bad due to poor planning. Which is one thing Gobble totally avoids, there is no wasted ingredients! You use everything they send.

I tried 3 meals total, the meals were portioned for two people and there were no leftovers. Which was fine! But sometimes I do love leftovers for lunches or for the kiddos. So if I were to try it again I would get the 4 people plan. My favorite meal was this Brown Sugar-Crusted Salmon. SO GOOD! And I felt so fancy guys! I killed it in the cook department this night.

Each box includes 3 meals, the ingredients for each meal are bagged and labeled. Recipe cards are included too for each meal with directions and an ingredient list.

Here is a picture of what everything looks like portioned out.

The instructions were really easy to follow! Here is my crusted salmon ready for my hot pan!

That reminds me all Gobble meals are designed to be one pan meals! Just make sure your pan has no plastic on it. One of our meals called for our pan to be placed in the oven but I couldn't do that since our pan had a plastic handle.

Yummy english cucumbers and toy box tomatoes! These were mixed together in a tomato vinaigrette to make a salad. So good!

Gobble sent the most perfect avocados for this meal! Am I the only one that gets sooooo excited about a perfect avocado? I just mashed the avocado up with a fork, mixed in some salt/pepper and put it on top of the salmon.

My Gobble meal in all of its glory! Just look at it! My one year old LOVED this. He ate so much of the salmon, I was one pleased mama.

All in all I am a fan! I love the minimal prep! But I will add that you do have to chop up the things for your recipe (obviously lol) which takes time. So keep in mind there is some prep work to be done. With that, there was one dinner we tried where I had to tweak the cooking time quite a bit. No big deal though! I just had to pay attention to what I had in the oven. If you are a busy mom wanted to get fresh healthy meals on the table quickly I would give this ago! Next time we have  a busy week coming up I may get Gobble instead of making a grocery store trip. If you do want to try Gobble you can head here:  to get $50 off! Also, let me know what you get and if the meals were good!

That's all for now friends!

In love, Rachel