Mickey's Halloween Party - Raising Up Wonder

Mickey's Halloween Party

Oh Boy! Pumpkin season is totally my favorite and this year I am adding yet another thing I LOVE about fall. Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland! This year I took the kiddos and it was MAGICAL. I have been so so blessed to be able to have an annual pass this year and I didn't think Disneyland could be more magical than it already was. But oh my goodness! This was mine (and the kids) first time going. We decided to dress up which was so fun! I had some pretty elaborate handmade costumes in mind and to be honest I was so much happier (and less stressed) with the ones we picked up from Oriental Trading. Ryder's costume was a HIT! He was soooo adorable in his little donald costume. The stuffed butt waddled each time he took a step. Avery was so excited to be Rapunzel, she even wore the wig for a lot longer than I expected. And by that I mean she wore it long enough to get a few pictures haha! This year I dressed up too, which I haven't done since Avery was born! My aunt and I were matching Mouseketeers. So fun!

The Donald costume from behind was too good!!!! Look at that fluff butt!

Disneyland goes HEAVY on the Fall decor. From the moment you arrive you are in a fall wonderland. 

Look at Main St! It looks like a Fall dream land! Kinda reminded me of Stars Hollow, where my GG fans at?! 

So the deal for the party is you pay an admission for the specific hours of the Halloween party. Ours was 6pm to 11pm and we were allowed to enter 3 hours prior. So we could have gone in at 3pm. That gives you 8 hours in the park which I feel is totally enough time to get all the magic in!

Trick or Treating started at 6pm and they are really smart about their treat stations. At first I was discouraged by the lines, but they go super fast. The stations are set up like trails so you hit like 5 or 6 treat carts through one line. Which means a ton of candy! My favorite thing was the variety of treats. They have fresh apple slices, baby carrots, freeze dried apples, pirates booty, goldfish crackers and of course your usual Halloween candy.

In between treat trails we rode some rides. I love this picture of these sweet girls in awe of the carousel. Disney magic is real! I loved that rides were not to focus of this trip. Don't get me wrong we LOVE riding the rides but it was nice to have so many other fun things to do!

Just some Main St. Modeling. Haha! Right behind me in this picture they had 3 different character meet and greets set up. Plot twist, they were all villians! How fun is that!

The fireworks and parade were AMAZING! Soooo much different than what they usually do, but in a good way. Seeing the parade with villains as the main characters was an interesting spin on things. Fireworks give me all the feels. The Halloween fireworks did not disappoint. So much fun and so much fire haha!

My sweet duck was out by 8pm! Which was fine with  me because I just took in all the fall vibes Disneyland had to offer me. So to wrap this up, Mickey's Halloween Party is a must do, at least once. I am going to save for this during the year and make it a tradition to go. PS buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale because they do sell out! Put this on your bucket list and have a Happy Halloween boos and ghouls!

In love, Rachel