Christmas Gift Guide for The Husband - Raising Up Wonder

Christmas Gift Guide for The Husband

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We finally got our tree up and if you saw the Instagram story I posted that was no easy task. It was a two day affair, we started at a tree farm and ended up at Costco. Which was totally a blessing because we got the biggest tree we've ever had for $30!

In our house I feel like we don't buy a lot of extras for ourselves during the year. So during this season I try my best to remember all those times I said to myself, "Blake would love that or wow what a good Christmas gift!"

Here's a little list of things I think my husband (and maybe your husband/BF) would love!

1 & 6: Both from this coffee is AMAZING. Seriously I drink it and after I feel like I could walk to China. And I mean if you get the guy some coffee you have to get him a rad mug to go with it.

2. A subscription to dollar shave club. I don't know why I haven't thought of this before. Razors are so stupid expensive and buying them always sabotages my Target trip.

3. A Mission Critical Baby Carrier- This thing is SO COOL! We just recently got one and my husband was so stoked on it. I think it totally brought back all the Army feels for him. I could not believe the quality of this carrier though. It is super durable, functional and it has a LIFETIME warranty. Bonus, I love using it too! I just throw it on and throw Ryder in.

4. A Yeti Cooler: My husband loves lake trips, desert trips and trips to the motorcycle track. All of these things include us hauling a butt ton of water, drinks and snacks for the kids. It would be AWESOME to keep things cold longer.

5. Car Track Shirt: This is just funny. It's a tshirt with a race track on the back, dad lays down and the kids play on his back, haha!

7. Tactical Baby Gear Diaper Bag: This thing is just awesome. It seems super functional! SO many pockets to keep you organized and it even has a dump pouch for dirty diapers. A DUMP POUCH guys! So perfect. I love that you could add patches to it to make it personal too. Such a great gift for a new dad!

Stay tuned for a few more gift guides in the next few days! I hope this gave you some ideas because I know first hand how hard it is for the guy who says "oh don't get me anything".

In love, Rachel