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Gift Ideas For the Kiddos!

Hi Friends,

I am just feeling all the holly jolly feels! I had a blast putting together some lists for my two favorite kiddos. I hope this gives you some fun ideas this Christmas season!

1. Ruby Doll: Made by one of my favorite brands, Matilda Jane. I asked Avery to choose from the three new dolls they came out with and she told me Ruby was her favorite! I LOVE the little outfit she comes in. And bonus, her outfit comes in little girl sizes too! 

2.  Tegu Blocks: We have never played with these buy I have heard amazing things! They are magnetic which makes for super fun building. I am a proponent of creative play so I really love these. 

3. Vet Outfit: Avery has made several career changes lately, first she was on track to be a doctor, then a space doctor and now a veterinarian. She loves animals, so when she found out you could be an animal doctor she was sold. I love her!

4. Bitty Baby Washer/Dryer: We love playing pretend together. Avery has been wanting this forever! I was kind of confused at first as to why she would want to do laundry for fun, haha! But I totally get if, if she put this next to her play kitchen she would have her own little play house! And heck, maybe I can teach her how to do laundry while we play!

5. Alice and Ames Dress: Love love LOVE these dresses. They are durable, awesome quality and beautifully made! Avery loves twirling in them and I hope she stays twirling for many many years.

6. Bookshelf: I love reading, and I hope that Avery learns to love it as well. I feel like this bookshelf would be super helpful for her since the titles would be facing out instead of buried in a cubby somewhere.

7. Body Puzzle: When I was really little I was super into anatomy, and the human body in general. I mean I was 6 years old infatuated with ER documentaries. I had no idea that Avery would be so interested in the same thing! She loves learning about the human body. I love how this puzzle breaks everything down visually.

On to Mr. Ryder! He inspired my toddler boy list! I feel like it would be a good fit for a boy 1-2 years old.

1. Grimm Rainbow Stacker: The possibilities with these things are endless! I love the open ended play this stacker inspires

2. Sand Box With Cover: I am looking forward to many backyard playdates since our backyard is finally in playable condition! Both kids, ESPCIALLY Ryder love playing in this little dirt pile, I would love to get this for him so I don't have to hose him down every time we play outside. 

3. Dump Truck: If you give the kid a sand box, he's going to need a big ol' dump truck to go with it. 

4. New Shoes: This baby is growing so fast! He is almost grown out of his converse and I'm thinking the next pair of shoes he gets need to involve velcro. He does not sit still!

5. Sound Machine: I know, lame mom award. But since I'm going back to school this might help get him to sleep through the night, in his crib? I'll take any advice you have! 

6. Train Table: Ryder loves anything with wheels and making things go! I can totally see him spending tons of time at this table!

7. Farm Animal Set: These are super durable and I think Ryder would love setting them up, setting them on a table or carrying them around in the dump truck!