The Crutch and the Cast - Raising Up Wonder

The Crutch and the Cast

So I quit social media.

And it feels freakin' awesome!

Disclaimer: I do not believe social media is bad! Ask my husband about how much I love it, I love connecting and being connected!

Social media isn't bad just like donuts, wine and coffee aren't bad. But the thing is when social media, wine, coffee or donuts become a crutch then a good thing becomes a bad thing. And that's where I found myself on the evening of 2/22/18. I was so tired from the day. Just done with the cleaning, the wiping, the yelling d o n e. So I sat on my bed while my kids were running wild and started scrolling. I wasn't scrolling to see what my friends were up to though,

I was scrolling to escape.

Instead of getting baths ready and jammies on I just wanted to escape. Which gets kinda icky for me. When I do this escape thing and my kids ask me for something instead of responding with love I am responding with anger for interrupting my made up escape time.

And that just isn't going to work for me.

Crutches can help you through something but they won't ever heal you. If you break your leg your crutches aren't going to heal your break. The cast will though.

When I am feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed or anxious I'm learning I don't need to reach for my crutch which is social media but I need to reach for my cast! And that is Jesus! His truths, His word, His presence. Every hour I need Him.

Want to know the other big huge tug on my heart telling me to quit.

My phone told me how much time I spent on Instagram in a week and I almost barfed.

e l e v e n        hours.


If you want to check your usage on an iphone you can go to settings-battery-last 7 days- hit the little clock on the right. 

So I'm just doing an experiment on myself from 2/22-3/29 then I'll be able to regroup. I do have two more posts I have agreed to prior so I will have to get online for those.

But man! What a heart check! It's been really good though! And unfortunately I have only reached for my phone when I'm feeling anxious, tired or overwhelmed. I am still checking emails, blogging and checking pinterest. Those things especially blogging breathe life so they can stay! I'm excited to check back in at the end of March! I'll be updating things on my blog though! Thanks for hanging out with me!

In love, Rachel

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Extra time to make mickey pizzas! 

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