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Real Food For Babies!

Hello friends! Hope you are all doing well and are getting some rest before all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays! Baby number 3 is due in April and we are getting ready a little earlier than usual so we are not overwhelmed with 3 little people in the house. I can’t believe we are going to be outnumbered!

Since this is baby number 3 we have a pretty good grip on what we will need for that babyhood stage. We know which diapers were going to use, which swaddles, and now we know about the booger sucker connected to the straw which is totally genius.

After doing some research I found out which baby food brand looks the best for us as well! I had Ryder test some for us and he has been enjoying some “baby sauce” (Beech-Nut®’s Just Apples!) so  that's a great sign!

Here are a few reasons to love Beech-Nut® Naturals™

-It’s affordable! I love the price point of all their products!

-Their food was created with the input of real moms and dads, like the employees from the company visited real families homes and watched babies eat! How cool is that!

-Everything is inspired by homemade. Homemade is awesome! But I know that I will not have the time or energy to make all of baby Sadie’s food! And that is fine by me!

-The food is made with real fruits and veggies just like you would use if you were to make it yourself.

-It is 100% natural! 100%! Nothing is artificial!

-Don’t panic you can get it in organic! Beech-Nut® also offers a line of organic food, woo-hoo!

There are many reasons to love Beech-Nut® and I’m just so excited and relieved that when it’s time for baby food we will know right where to go and what to grab!