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Beechnut For Baby Number 3!

Time is such a thief! If there is one thing that has been consistent with each of my babies, and it's that the time just goes by WAY to fast.

I know this will be the case with Sadie, so I am just going to try my very best to take in all the snuggles, all the milestones and all the moments that are fleeting. Being completely honest here, this is not easy for me. I often find myself striving, getting to the next "thing," and overall just moving too fast to take in the moments.

I am going to try harder though.

Leave some dishes in the sink, some toys on the floor, and some laundry in the dryer.

As much as I would like to make my own baby food for her, I just don't see myself having the time, so we are going to go with Beech-Nut® Naturals™. Last year, I had the sweetest mommy playdate and all the babes got to try some of the food. It was a hit! And all the coffee was a hit with the mamas!

Here's what I love about Beech-Nut®:
-It is made with simple, natural ingredients nothing crazy here!
-Available in organic! Woo hoo!
-Made with real fruits and veggies like fresh apples and pears! Yum!
-100% natural, nothing artificial
- Only ingredients you can pronounce; this is my favorite!

The best part is convenience! I'm about to have three little ones, and the convenience factor is huge for me! It allows for more time to be intentional with my kiddos and be present in the seemingly small moments.