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Minimalist Hospital Bag

Hi friends!

I thought I would share with you guys what I packed up to bring with us for baby number 3! If you'd like to read her birth story (it's a fun one!) you can do that here.

I really narrowed down what I brought with  me this time! I found that with Avery and Ryder I took way to much and didn't have the time to unpack my bag for weeks, haha! This time I just took what I really needed and if the hospital provided it, I didn't bring it! I had one backpack and it was perfect!

The bag I chose is just Sadie's diaper bag, the Ana bag by my favorite diaper bag brand EVER Lily Jade. More on the bag in a bit!

Here is a list of what I brought:

For me:

  • Robe
  • Nursing Tank 
  • Pj Pants- These are so comfy! Like the most comfy pjs I own!
  • My "going home outfit" which was a mama bear tee from Loved by Hannah an Eli and the best postpartum leggings from Figure 8 Moms they are the Mother Tucker leggings by Belly Bandit
  • Nursing bra, which I didn't end up using, I just used the bra I came in with which was the Adore bralette from BaoBei it was so comfy I didn't want to take it off!
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Shampoo, facewash, body wash, hair tie, and I brought nursing pads but wouldn't bring them again, I didn't need them! 
  • Camera
  • Chapstick, haha I was in so much pain when we showed up to the hospital but I had to have my favorite chapstick! It is this one from Sun Bum
  • Wallet

For Baby:

  • One outfit, this one is from Solly Baby and it is so soft! And so perfect for newborns I love it!
  • Two pacis, a wubbanub and PAT from Ryan & Rose
  • Two headbands (I couldn't decide) 
  • One swaddle
  • Letter board for her announcement picture

This bag was so perfect! It was large enough for everything but not bigger than a standard backpack! It has two sides so in the front side I put all my things and on the back side I was able to fit all Saide's things.

It was nice to know where everything is. I hate when my bag is like a black hole and I can't find anything. Especially when you just had a baby and you're tired and your butt hurts.

Here are two pictures of the back side of the bag, it zips all the way open to the bottom of the bag so you can use all  the space. The back pocket is even padded for a laptop!

There is a back pocket here too, you can put the backpack straps in here and use it cross body style as well.

The side pockets are big enough for a bottle, water bottle. I have had diaper bags with pockets that do not fit a sippy cup so I am very excited these do!

This pocket looks small but it goes down deep! I love putting my huge wallet in here, it fits perfect and is easy to get to!

Love these three pockets in the back of the front opening. When I use this as a diaper bag I have my beloved chapstick in here.

This bag makes a great diaper bag, hospital bag and I am planning on using it when I go back to school! It is so beautiful and does not look like a diaper bag. The best part is the quality of Lily Jade is soooo good you guys! I have a bit of a diaper bag obsession because #motherhood and I would pick them again and again. They last! I know they are an investment but if you are wanting more kiddos this one will last for everyone! And if not they hold their resale value which is another perk.

Whether you are having your 1st baby for you 7th I hope this was helpful! When I was at the hospital there wasn't anything I felt like I was missing but this is all really just personal preference but it can be helpful to have a starting place.

In love, Rachel