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Sadie's Birth Story

Hi friends!

I can't believe I am sitting down to write Sadie's birth story! I am totally expecting to get interupted like 5 times, and would love to get this done by the time Sadie is ready to eat again.

Wow! That's all I have to say about adding a 3rd baby to our family! Gwen Stefani was right, this is BANANAS!

Sadie is 3 weeks old today and is really sweet guys. Her birth was amazing. My best birthing experience!

She was born April 26th 2019 and my labor started on April 25th around 10pm. On the 25th I had an OB appointment and the OB who saw me gave my membranes a good sweeping (ouch) and after that I started feeling some light contractions so obviously I went to target, to walk about for 2 hours and keep the party going. The light contractions became uncomfortable but I didn't feel like they were bad enough yet.

April 26th 12am: At this point I am in the bathtub like this hurts but I'm okay and I decide to make a labor playlist on spotify. Which was fire btw.

When I got out of the bath I was still in pain and my contractions were actually 5 min apart and really consistent. So I told Blake he definitely was not going into work that morning.

1am: My contractions were still consistent and Blake was asking if we should go to L&D. Google told me I should go seeing as this is my 3rd baby. And the people on the internet made it seem like 3rd babies just shoot out in the car. We had a rental and I really didn't want to explain that to the people at Chevy.

3am rolls around and we have my mom come over to watch the big babies while we go see if it's "time". To preface this, I put on makeup before I left, I feel like that should always be a sign that it's not quite "time" yet haha!

3:30 am We are in the hospital parking lot, so excited! Feeling like this really could be it. Blake prayed for me and Sadie and it was really sweet! He is the best birth coach/partner!

4am I am getting monitored for contractions and they are really just doing an NST because I was only 3cm dilated! Ugh, defeat! They sent me home and basically said, come home when your in enough pain you want to cry. OK.

5am We go home, eat breakfast and I just slept. All morning I just slept in between contractions I don't know how but it was a blessing.

9am Around this time my pain level was the same but we needed to get moving to get this baby out! We decided on a park, but then decided target would be better because it was hot out haha!

10am I was pretty uncomfortable at this point but could still talk through my contractions. My husband decided this was a good time to go to Lowes.

10:30am (at Lowes in labor) Husband informs me we didn't actually need anything at Lowes. Still in labor. We ate Chick Fil A and went to another store.

11am We decided to go home because I couldn't really talk through my contractions at this point.

1pm I am in the bathtub again and not having a great time. In a ton more pain and the bottom half of my body felt like it was splitting down the middle. Contractions are still 5 min apart.

2pm At this point I am low key dying and tell Blake it's time to go, I couldn't even put my pants on by myself so things were pretty serious. Blake was doubting me and thinking we would get sent home again.

3pm Blake was wrong, I showed up to the hospital at 7cm dilated. It took them 30 minutes to get me up to labor and delivery, because my nurse was new and bless her heart, did not know how to get around the hospital.

3:30 at this point I am in extreme, can't breathe, pain, everyone is telling me to slow my breathing and I could not. I have never been in so much pain (except for when I had Avery because yikes) By the time I got up there I was 9cm dilated and the nurse dropped a bomb on me and said, "here's the deal, you might not get your epidural, if your water breaks before or while you're getting it there won't be enough time" She kept asking me if I felt the urge to push and I feel like I didn't but that could have just been me because I didn't want to push without the epidural...I was feeling a TON of pressure.

3:40? This was not okay, I was planning on getting the epidural and nothing sounded better than taking the pain away. I remember praying for everything to work out! And it did! My magical anesthesiologist showed up and was amazing. It was really scary getting it though. I physically could not sit still because of the amount of pain I was in and to get the drugs you have to stay still, because the whole needle in your spine thing. But it worked and I'm pretty sure they hit me with something else because I was feeling great almost instantly.

4pm: All is well in my world, I am joking with my nurses, all is forgiven because before this they stabbed me 14 times trying to get my IV in and couldn't find a vein while I was in excruciating pain.

4:30 ish? Honestly I am not sure I just know my OB was on call and I was so excited that he would be able to deliver my baby! My water broke on it's own and it was time to push!

at 4:44 I caught Sadie and placed her on my chest.  I caught my own baby and it was the most amazing thing EVER. My Dr asked if I would like to grab her and without hesitation I did and WOW. Just the most amazing magical thing ever. Sadie cried and I cried and God was present with us through it all. He is a good good Father!

After birth (AB) haha! We are doing our "golden hour" and Sadie pretty much ate the whole time. She came out 9 lbs being my biggest baby!

I didn't need stitches and was already feeling so much better compared to my other births. I got my mesh undies loaded with an ice pack pad and was just chillin in my postpartum room. I don't think I slept at all that night or the night after but that is okay! There was enough adrenaline to keep me going.

Everything went so smooth for the most part! But when Saide decided it was time she came quick! I am so grateful that everything went well and there were no complications. I am getting to know this sweet baby more and more everyday and I am just so thankful for her.

She is such a sweet blessing and completes our family.

I am excited to post more updates here! In love, Rachel